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so we realize there are 28402410921841 blogs out there that teach you how to stud everything and your mother, but we thought we’d go through with this post anyway!!

what you’ll need:

– bag (preferably one you don’t mind ruining the lining of)
– xacto knife
– pliers
– studs
– lots of patience/time and perhaps fingers to spare

we started with a plain faux leather bucket bag. a word of advice: rectangular/square bases are probably infinitely easier to stud than circular bases.

there are soo many different shapes/sizes of studs out there, and what you choose is really a matter of personal opinion. we went with gold, flat ones (think: gold smarties).

so we figured that the easiest way to go about this is to start with a center line of studs. we found this basically by studding a line from one side-seam of the bag to the opposite side-seam.

proceed to stud the bag, row by row, from the center line outwards

note: remember to loosely place the studs over the bag to get a rough estimate of how many will fit on each row. if not, you’ll find yourself pulling a lot out, which isn’t a big deal but will annoy the nutss out of you if you’re OCD about things being straight/perfect.

we found it necessary to cut a line down the center of the inside lining of the bag, in order to properly fold down the spikes of the studs with pliers. unless you’re made of magic or have x-ray vision like superman, i suggest you do this too or else you’ll find that your studs are going to fall off easily.

note: make sure you fold down the spikes as far back as you can, into the hollow backs of the studs. you might find that using the blunt end of your xacto knife will help.

a couple hours and several bleeding fingers later, you should end up with something that looks like this. remember it’s hard to be perfect, especially with round bases, and also remember that when you’re actually holding the bag, and walking (really fast if you must), it’s hard to tell the small little errors that are somewhat bound to occur.

you might want to add a little extra detail to your bag to sort of personalize it. we did this by adding two smaller square studs onto the toggle-thing of our bag.

if you have any additional questions, feel free to email us! or even send us pics of your versions.